Movement is my Medicine

It was supposed to be a five kilometer or so run.  Eighteen kilometers later I was back at the hotel.  Over three weeks on the road brought me back again to Toronto and at this point I’m more than ready to be home.  Home in the mountains where the trails begin when I step out the door of the house.  Not here in the big city surrounded by … more


Sweet Caroline and Right to Play Uganda

It happened again just like it always does.  It happens each time I leave the field after spending days in Africa with the Right to Play programs.  I’m left feeling so full it’s almost painful.  Literally spilling over with the sounds, sights and human encounters that leave me feeling almost numb.  These feelings arise because there is only so much a person can take in.  Only so much … more


Making dreams a reality with Right to Play Uganda

Sometimes your actions affect others in life.  Whether you are the one affected or the one who affects, there is rarely the chance to say thanks.  Especially when you’ve been affected like strangers from far away lands.  This happened to me back in 2006.  And now, right now, it feels like a miracle to be in this world away with the very chance to say thanks.   I’m … more


PLAY FOR PEACE with Right to Play

Play for Peace.  What exactly does this mean?  I came to Rwanda with Right to Play to find out the answer.  I leave Rwanda today with much more than a simple response to this question.  I leave this beautiful country, this land of a thousand hills and thousands of smiles, with experiences that have shown me time and again just how play equals peace.   I’ve known this … more


A day in the field in Rwanda with Right to Play

10:40pm and the day just ended.   Started with a 5:20am wake up followed by a run in and around Kigali at 5:30AM.  Yes, my morning ritual that repeats itself most mornings here in Africa was experienced again today.  Running outside as the city life begins is my time to take in the sights and sounds that remind me I am far away from home.  Far away from the … more


Notes from the Field: Running in Rwanda with Right to Play

Anyone who uses Strava and happens to follow me will have noticed I am on a bit of a running kick.  Since quitting the bike after my time trial in London on August 1st, I’ve hoofed it in myriad cities and on some awesome trails.  Travel has been intense and it’s impractical to even consider bringing a bike along.  I suffered the excess baggage blues the past two … more



Hey there…so my cycling team, even though I am no longer a bike racer, is following through on our fundraising initiative for Right to Play Rwanda.  I am traveling to Rwanda on Friday and will be posting posts from this far away place.  In the meantime, please help us raise money for the programs.  Our goal is to raise $100,000.00 and there is an auction that just started.  … more


Level the Field with Right to Play

The last twenty-two years of my life were spent as an athlete.  I’d have the say the last six were the most proudest.  Not because of medals earned, but because these years were when I put into action the idea learned as a young athlete: the idea of giving back.  And what do I have to thank for finding the vehicle in which allowed me to begin to … more


You Rise Me Up: The gift of song from the Orangeville Chorus

I’ve had some pretty unique experiences traveling but today has to take the cake.  After spending the past week in Toronto for events and meetings it was time to travel back down to Utah for a few days in the mountains.  Last Wednesday, I presented in Orangeville, Ontario.  Orangeville is a small town north of Toronto.  I was brought to the community to share my story.  I was … more


The here and the now and the magic of it all

‘What’s the reason of your stay’ was the first question asked at customs a few nights ago. I’d just made the trip from Leipzig, Germany. After completing the first three days of the Thuringen Ruhndfahrt stage race, I was ready to make my final trip. The trip to London. To the Olympics. Even on this, my sixth trip to the Games for Canada, I felt an excitement that … more

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