Goodbye and hello…

There’s usually a moment of realization when I leave home for the last time before something big.  Something big in my life the past sixteen years has meant an Olympics.  The awareness that the next time I’ll set foot at home it will all be over is never lost on me.  It’s a feeling of excitement tinged with melancholy.  The latter more pronounced when I leave such a … more


Lessons learned in another Olympic year

This is the seventh time I’ve lived the reality of trying to qualify for an Olympics.  The in-between Games I’ve not been part of were spent either glued to the internet (we don’t have television in either of our home bases) or working for CBC at the Games.  Yes, I am a unabashed Olympic junkie and can’t get enough of sport when it comes time every two years … more


My best friend in sport, Randy Starkman

With Randy and Beckie Scott at the 2008 Olympics….   I’m in Belgium in the hotel breakfast room and can’t stop crying.  An email shared the shocking news of Randy Stakman’s passing late last night.  I felt sick going to sleep.  The reality of losing Randy only became real this morning when I opened my computer.  The tears began to flow and haven’t stopped.   Like so many … more


The legacy lives on….riding with the Teutenberg Family

The Teutenberg name is famous in the world of cycling for more reasons than the twenty-five plus wins Ina garners year after year.  Ina’s the runt of the litter.  She spent her growing-up years chasing older brothers Lars and Sven around on two wheels.  Not to mention the coaching her father has done for decades and his involvement with SRM and helping many pro riders find their ideal … more



Living the life of a pro cyclist over here in Europe can get a little distorted at times.  It’s easy to think things are hard, life is complicated, there’s so much chaos or even this is bloody boring.  And then you look over at the team next to you like I did when warming up for the time trial last week at the Energiewacht Tour in Holland.  You … more


Nervous energy and the bergs that beckon in Belgium

I’m used to nerves at this point.  Nervous energy I have when facing a daunting workout, an epic race or, like last night, a speech in front of a few thousand people.  What gets me through these nervous times is one thing: preparation.  I know what it means to be fully prepared and to execute, no matter the task at hand.   But there’s something to be said … more


Ode to Ally

I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of new athletes this and last year.  Being off the blades and back on two wheels, the athletes are opposite to the extreme.  The sports and the environment they are practiced in could not be more different.  I find it somewhat ironic that the athletes on two wheels seem to have a little more edge than those on the blades. … more


What a difference a day can make…

Another adventure with the skidoo, ATV and finally, the sweet smooth ride of the SUV to the airport brought me out of my winter wonderland to the chaos of LAX.  Yes, it was a shock to the system to arrive at the bustling airport after the two hour flight to the south west of Salt Lake City.  I felt like Dorothy and I definitely was not in Kansas … more


Thank you

It’s difficult to find the words to describe what I’m feeling inside after a day like today; a yesterday like yesterday. What I’m talking about is the whirlwind of events taking place for this year’s Let’s Talk Day campaign. The sequence of interviews and appearances that have allowed, once again, for the story I have to be shared. The story that so often seems so small. The story … more


Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new and improved!  This reno has been a long time coming.  I finally met the right person for the job.  Back in December at the Specialized-lululemon training camp in California.  There was this very friendly and cool-without-trying guy named Brad who stuck with me and Ina Teutenburg for all the epic, ridiculously long, unnecessary but oh-so-fun training rides.  Brad Sheehan, I came to learn, … more

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