My best friend in sport, Randy Starkman

With Randy and Beckie Scott at the 2008 Olympics….   I’m in Belgium in the hotel breakfast room and can’t stop crying.  An email shared the shocking news of Randy Stakman’s passing late last night.  I felt sick going to sleep.  The reality of losing Randy only became real this morning when I opened my computer.  The tears began to flow and haven’t stopped.   Like so many … more


The legacy lives on….riding with the Teutenberg Family

The Teutenberg name is famous in the world of cycling for more reasons than the twenty-five plus wins Ina garners year after year.  Ina’s the runt of the litter.  She spent her growing-up years chasing older brothers Lars and Sven around on two wheels.  Not to mention the coaching her father has done for decades and his involvement with SRM and helping many pro riders find their ideal … more


Soup Wednesday: Dutch Mustard Soup

Dutch mustard soup     Speed skating in Holland in the cold, wet and grey shades of winter made soup of any kind a welcome start to every meal.  We often stayed at a ven Der Valk hotel in Wolvega in the north of the Netherlands and they made awesome soups.  I would not only have seconds but often thirds as well.   One of my favorites is … more



Living the life of a pro cyclist over here in Europe can get a little distorted at times.  It’s easy to think things are hard, life is complicated, there’s so much chaos or even this is bloody boring.  And then you look over at the team next to you like I did when warming up for the time trial last week at the Energiewacht Tour in Holland.  You … more


Summer Camp

“It feels like summer camp, doesn’t it, Clara…”  Teammate Ina Teutenberg states the obvious with her hearty German laugh.  Ina and I go way back.  We’ve ‘camped’ many a times together during women’s races in Europe.  Only this time, in Holland, we’re teammates instead of racing on respective National Teams.  And the camp?  Well, I have to admit, this is a few steps up from the infamous summer … more


Day after Wednesday soup: Miso!

Miso Soup! I have a good excuse for making ‘Soup Wednesday’ happen on Thursday this week.  I’m at a bike race!  And, it started on Wednesday.  Thus, it’s Wednesday night, and I’m just getting to the soup.  Here at the race in Holland, the internet is down in the house we all stay.  So the posting will have to wait for tomorrow.  For all you soup lovers out … more


Bike racing 101: Tour of Flanders

Complete and utter sensory overload.  That’s today in a nutshell.  It was the day that marked my ‘welcome back to European racing’ here at the Tour of Flanders.  Ronde Van Vlaanderen for the die-hard cycling fans out there.  Also known as one of the hardest single day races in the world on two wheels.  Yes, today was the day I’ve been anticipating with angst and excitement for some … more


When the soup is good, all is good…

Peter and I say this with a Belgian (Flemish?) accent often: ‘when the soup is good, all is good’.  We heard it in a documentary on the US Postal Service pro cycling team awhile back.  It was one of the Belgian soigneurs who said it (with a real Belgian accent) it’s stayed with us since.   As mentioned, I love making soup, and it’s Wednesday again so I’d … more


Nervous energy and the bergs that beckon in Belgium

I’m used to nerves at this point.  Nervous energy I have when facing a daunting workout, an epic race or, like last night, a speech in front of a few thousand people.  What gets me through these nervous times is one thing: preparation.  I know what it means to be fully prepared and to execute, no matter the task at hand.   But there’s something to be said … more


Soup Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday again.  Since the inception of my ‘soup is good all is good’ commitment to sharing my favorite soup recipes with the world at large happened on a Wednesday, this category has thus been dubbed ‘Soup Wednesday’.  I think I’ll run out of soups before I run out of Wednesdays.   This week, let’s make the Creamy Parsnip Bisque soup I love so much.  It’s non-fat and … more

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