Making Dreams into Realities

  Salt Lake City, Utah I’d run out of fingers and toes pretty fast if I were to use them to tally the amount of times I’ve had in the past twenty decades where a dream has become reality. Specifically, the times when the here and the now seem just too good to be true. The incredulousness of these moments almost always stem from a past experience. Most … more


Specialized lululemon Team Building 101

Carlsbad, California It was approximately 315am when the nasty screech began. Being in a hotel, the immediate response was to start pawing at the alarm clock beside the bed. Only I’d never heard an alarm quite like this. No matter the buttons I pressed, the sound seemed to get louder. The coma I was in subsided enough for my brain to realize it was definitely not the bedside … more


Back in the Professional Saddle Again

Carlsbad, California I can’t believe I’m back at ‘camp’. For anyone who reads my posts, you’ll assume I’m out in the desert with Peter sleeping under a blanket of stars, or on some crazy bike tour bush camping. Those things are certainly my cup of camping tea and this is definitely not that kind of camp. The camp I’m at is one foreign and all but forgotten in … more


Le Grand Ligne

Montreal, Quebec I’ve made the commute from Montreal to my home in the Eastern Townships countless times. Most of the time, I take the easiest way on the small highways traveling from my valley in southern Quebec to the main autoroutes leading to the big city. A few times this commute has taken on a bit of an adventure when I’ve ventured into the small veins of roads … more


Just Call Me Mickey

  Montreal, Quebec I mentioned to Peter yesterday that I look like Mickey Rourke. You know, that actor? I was referring to his weathered face (to put it nicely) in the movie The Wrestler. Maybe he looked this way in BarFly way back when. Anyway, the point is that I look like Mickey. This was confirmed when Peter got the mad laughs after looking at my face. Thanks, … more


Plein en Afrique: Mali Notes from the Field #3

Bamako, Mali A calm sets over me whenever leaving a city for the countryside. I can breath again when the bustle is left behind. In Quebec and Utah, my dual home existence, the most powerful medicine for my soul is that of listening to the wind in the trees and the birds chirping. It’s the same everywhere in the world. Africa is no different. On Wednesday we left … more

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