Summer Adventure Trilogy Part One: BC Bike Tour Part Four

It’s taken too long to get to part four of this summer adventure trilogy…part four of part one that is.  I’ve been busy riding my bike of all things.  No excuses, though, so here goes.  Better late than never telling the tale at all.   That same day we disembarked the plane, rode east from the airport past the rink I skated my last race on Winter Olympic … more


Summer Adventure Trilogy Part One: Bike Touring British Columbia Part Three

Rain, wind, sun and pie were on the plate for that first day on Highway 20 to Bella Coola.  These things combined with copious amounts of climbing made for an ominous day balanced with sweet rewards.  Pretty much everyone we met told us ‘it’s flat from here on out’ or even ‘it’s all downhill now’.  A man at a lookout even said this to us when we could … more


Summer Adventure Trilogy: Bike Touring British Columbia Part Two

The ride down from the Mount Robson campground was a fun cruise compared to the water treading adventure on the way up.  Trails were clear of overflow.  It was hard to believe only three days earlier they were flooded out.  Our goal was to leave the campground early to hit the Café next to the Visitor’s Center right at opening time.   I know I’m on the road … more


Summer Adventure Trilogy: Bike Touring British Columbia Part One

I just lived the best summer of my life.  Life after sport, that is.  Being that it was the first one of this kind for me there’s nothing to compare it to.  I suspect it will stay at the top of the list for some time.  It was so busy there was no time to share the experience.   Thus, this Summer Adventure Trilogy.   Scrolling back to … more


Welcome to Canmore: Experiencing the Force of Nature and Enduring the Flood

Peter saw the first of the mud water flowing down the lower driveway.  That should have been alarm enough.  Then we saw rapids running through the yard of a house down the street.  We looked down from our fifth floor condo unit and wondered where could all that water coming from.  Minutes later the light flow of mud colored water from the P1 upper parkade level became a … more


Representing Nunavik at The Grand Defi Pierre Lavoie

When I told people in my world outside of Quebec that I was going to do Le Grand Defi Pierre Lavoie (GDPL) the response was ‘the what and the who?’.  It’s not just the language barrier that led to the blank stare.  English Canada has many charitable events and I’ve done a few of them.  Events that raise awareness for disease, disaster or give voices to those silenced … more


A Most Excellent Rocky Mountain Bicycle Adventure

Peter and I are known for our late departures.  Specifically when it comes to departures of the adventure kind.  There’s always that ‘one more thing’ to do before finally heading out the door.  Last week’s bike tour takes the cake.  Peter admitted the 545pm locking of the door, clicking cleats into pedals and riding away from home time of day was a record for even him.   The … more


Returning to the Great Slave Lake: Part 2: Dancing under the northern lights

Just how I ended up in the two stepping shuffle of the drum dance line at 1:20am in Lutsel K’e, NWT, is a story that began over three years ago.  What and where in the world is Lutsel K’e, you may wonder?  It’s the only village in the East Arm of the Great Slave Lake.  I arrived that afternoon for the Spring Carnival, aptly dubbed the ‘Slush Fest’.  … more


Returning to the Great Slave Lake: Part One, Thaidene Nene, ‘Land of the Ancestors’

Just how did I end up in Lutsel K’e not once, but twice?  Well it’s a long story that begins with the last time I skated on long blades.  After the 2010 Olympics, my adventurer husband Peter and I decided to do something out of the ordinary.  As a leg athlete, a trip on water seemed outrageous.  We decided on a journey into a land we learned of … more


Northern Exposure in Nunavik Part 2: The Cup

It made it’s way to the northern village of Kangiqsualujjuaq with us on the plane.  I’m talking about The Cup that had a whole lot of folks all across Nunavik crazy for hockey a  few weeks before.  Three years earlier, I brought a medal of my own to this same place.  A bronze medal won less than a month before at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.  Much of the … more

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