The Baja Diaries: Basic Human Kindness in La Baja: Part 2

Day two of a tour is never as exciting as the first.  This one was an exception.  As good as it felt to sleep under the tarp shelter on the desert floor, man was it hard to get up.  It was just before 8am when we finally got out of the sleeping bags.  Good thing we had no schedule.  With no fitness on the bike we had to … more


The Baja Diaries…Que la vaya bien en Baja California Sur, Mexico: Day 1, Cabo Del Este to the Arroyo Camp

There’s something about the bicycle.  It’s like a magnet to humanity.  Specifically, the touring bike.  The bigger the load on the paniers the greater the curiosity invoked.  At least that’s how it seemed each time we’ve set out on a tour.  The first day of our Baja bike tour was no exception.  Sitting in front of a burning lot of dried cholla cactus that made up our first … more


My Very First Coach

I’m going to the Utah Olympic Oval to watch the World Sprint Speed Skating Championships today.  The place I skated my first Winter Olympics as a speed skater.  The place I realized a dream initiated when I saw Gaetan Boucher skate for Canada back in 1988 on TV.  I was inspired to change that day from disfunction to function as a young person.  That image had me captivated … more


Life in the permanent off-season and other musings from a former athlete

  Me and my shadow out in the snow…         Patterns long embedded follow wherever I go.  Whatever I do.  Somehow I thought after quitting sport life would be a little easier.  At least in ways.  But no, it seems, these patterns simply repeat.  Patterns of punishment that go on inside my head.  Thoughts of unrepeatable negativity scream out loud when I sit with myself … more


The Letting Go

I’m beginning to understand the market for all-inclusive vacations.  The concept of everything being set-up for the vacationer is enticing each time Peter and I set out for an adventure.  At least it is for me.  Just why it takes so long each and every time we go into the back country frustrates and baffles me like clockwork.  Which is why I wax positive with this idea of … more



Twenty steps in and the trip was already worth the four hour drive from home.  That’s all it took.  Peter looked back and said these very words to me with a huge smile on his face.  Considering we came from our backcountry backyard in the Wasatch Mountains, far away from a neighbor let alone a booming metropolis, this was quite a statement.   Just where were we?  Canyonlands … more


Movement is my Medicine

It was supposed to be a five kilometer or so run.  Eighteen kilometers later I was back at the hotel.  Over three weeks on the road brought me back again to Toronto and at this point I’m more than ready to be home.  Home in the mountains where the trails begin when I step out the door of the house.  Not here in the big city surrounded by … more


Sweet Caroline and Right to Play Uganda

It happened again just like it always does.  It happens each time I leave the field after spending days in Africa with the Right to Play programs.  I’m left feeling so full it’s almost painful.  Literally spilling over with the sounds, sights and human encounters that leave me feeling almost numb.  These feelings arise because there is only so much a person can take in.  Only so much … more


Making dreams a reality with Right to Play Uganda

Sometimes your actions affect others in life.  Whether you are the one affected or the one who affects, there is rarely the chance to say thanks.  Especially when you’ve been affected like strangers from far away lands.  This happened to me back in 2006.  And now, right now, it feels like a miracle to be in this world away with the very chance to say thanks.   I’m … more


PLAY FOR PEACE with Right to Play

Play for Peace.  What exactly does this mean?  I came to Rwanda with Right to Play to find out the answer.  I leave Rwanda today with much more than a simple response to this question.  I leave this beautiful country, this land of a thousand hills and thousands of smiles, with experiences that have shown me time and again just how play equals peace.   I’ve known this … more

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