Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 9

Day 15 September 1, 2017 HWY 108 hitch – Dorothy aka Mosquito Lake 21 miles/7hrs 45’   An easy hitch after ‘sleeping in’to 630am at the Kennedy Meadows North Guest Ranch. Slept through the raging generator right outside the open window to the bunkhouse. Tired but ready to get back on trail.   My my new SOBO flip-flopping ‘lash’er friend Bob obsesses about his stolen phone. It resurfaced … more


Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 8

Day 11 August 28/17 ZERO in Incline Village with Mike Stone and Sharron Binford 0 miles/0 hrs Just a little stress trying to get the permit situation figured out. Calling the PCT left me feeling like a fool ‘well I guess you should have planned better…’; calling Yosemite Permit Ranger Station left me laughing ‘so let me get this straight, you tried to jump the line by just … more


Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 7

Day Ten August 27-17 ‘Busted’ Camp – HWY 50 16.5 miles/6hrs25’   A relieved rising when I realize no bear has busted into my sub-par bear bag. Not sure if I’ve ever hung my food in such a lame way but there’s only so many attempts a tired hiker can make at getting that rock wrapped in cord just so on a branch so high. I went to … more


Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 6

Day Nine August 26-17 Tahoe Rim Camp – Dick’s Lake ‘Busted’ Camp 23 miles (3 of which an accidental side trip)/8.5hrs   I meet an older retired fellow from Nevada wearing a tie-died shirt. A self-proclaimed ‘communist’. I walk and talk with him for three miles. Human contact that’s been rare on this hike. He thinks he’s slowing me down but I’m actually winded keeping up. I have … more


Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 5

Day 8 August 25-17 Camp 2 Miles South of I-80 – Tahoe Rim Camp 32-33 miles/12.5 hours   Up so early. I’m talking 2:10am early. Toss and turn and say fuck it at 3am. I am up for good. Why not. I was asleep at 8pm. The adventure begins when I somehow get completely turned around on the trail in the dark and do a 1.5 mile out/1.5 … more


Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 4

Day Six August 23/17 Sierra City – Mule Ears Creek 16.1 miles/6hrs 5’   The half-pound Sierra City burger and fries works my digestive system to its maximum. Many stops to unload the prior town food consumption. Not sure how good the meat is for me considering I don’t eat much if any at home. Yet somehow I can’t resist it’s greasy smell from the grill. I know … more


Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 3

Day Five: 22.8 miles/9hrs August 22/17   Up at 4am to the alarming sound of rain falling. Rain? Rain !!  In a panic I retrieve dirty clothes from various open-air hanging perches, stake out the vestibules that were set wide-open for maximum air flow the previous night, get everything under their protective cover when it promptly stops raining. A friendly warning from the wet-weather gods. I’ll take it. … more


Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2 Part Two

Day 3: 21.4miles, 8.5hrs Devastated Forest Camp – Exhaustion Camp August 20/17   Im so fucking tired. Stoked and tired all at once. Stopped myself well before real exhaustion. This fatigue will pass with some food and sleep. I know myself well enough to stop the effort before I reach the point of no recovery or return. These early days of a walk are the ones that dictate … more


Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2 Part One

Okay so I have to admit this is the hike that should not have been. Major ACL reconstruction surgery back in December left me thinking there’s no way walking long miles with a lightweight yet loaded pack would happen in this calendar year. But after months of rehab and physio exercises and patience I started to walk. Then hike. Then run. Then, finally, carry some weight in the … more


The Hiking Trail and Being a Girl

I’ve noticed a few blog posts about being female on the hiking trails. Walking solo and finding your place among a mostly male environment.  Made me think about the Appalachian Trail hike I finished back in 2015.  Brought me back to one of the very few strange encounters I had. And yes, it involved a man.   What made me me think back to this experience was reading … more

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