The Sherpa-girl in me

If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I think I know what I was.  In fact, I’m sure of it.  A Sherpa.  Why?  Because each time I strap on a loaded backpack there is an unusual feeling of content.  The higher the altitude, the better I feel.  Yes, I think somewhere in the cosmos floats a past life of mine, walks a red-headed most unusual looking Sherpa-girl.  … more


You know it’s time to leave when…

You know it’s time to leave Europe when stuck in a city after three glorious weeks in the mountains.  When you get sick and all you can do is sit in the hotel room in the city and wish to be transported home.  When the hotel is so loud that you can’t keep the window open for fresh air.  Instead, you’re stuck in that uncomfortably hot hotel room … more


Fabulous hiking and face-planting in Switzerland

Watching the a bike race from Italy on TV the other night reminded me just how insanely dangerous road cycling is.  Peter and I saw David Villieux from the Europcar Team win his first big one ahead of some heavy hitters.  En route to his solo victory, our fellow Canuck almost shoulder checked a brick wall and went off course on another fast twist in the descent.  Behind … more


Slowing down

From sleeping in a five-star London hotel to a night in the front seat of a rental car, life changes pretty fast when you step out of the spotlight.  It was after Peter and I left London that we found ourselves, at 2am, on the roadside near Annecy, France, with no other choice but to camp out in the Volkswagen Touran.   Not only this.  I went from … more


Herman, the Indian, the bow and the arrow in Italia

Europe is always a trip for the female athlete.  I’m Canadian.  My upbringing in sport is that it’s quite normal that girls play and play hard.  I’ve never in 22 years had anyone tell me I can’t do something on the playing field.  At least not in Canada.  Only when in Europe have I experienced a machoism foreign to me.  I’ve been laughed at in France for racing … more


Encore en France

Walking to find some lunch in Annecy yesterday it suddenly hit me just how long it had been since I’d been in France.  In my past cycling life, France was the Holland that speed skating became to me.  I was so sick of a decade racing bikes in France just as I  was following a decade on ice in Holland.  I count the years as twelve since my … more


Goodbye and hello…

There’s usually a moment of realization when I leave home for the last time before something big.  Something big in my life the past sixteen years has meant an Olympics.  The awareness that the next time I’ll set foot at home it will all be over is never lost on me.  It’s a feeling of excitement tinged with melancholy.  The latter more pronounced when I leave such a … more


What a difference a day can make…

Another adventure with the skidoo, ATV and finally, the sweet smooth ride of the SUV to the airport brought me out of my winter wonderland to the chaos of LAX.  Yes, it was a shock to the system to arrive at the bustling airport after the two hour flight to the south west of Salt Lake City.  I felt like Dorothy and I definitely was not in Kansas … more


Good hair day

Sometimes things are a little out of control in my schedule….like, say, for instance last Sunday when I raced the last day of the Merco Classic (115km), was dropped off at the SFO International airport about 2 1/2 hours later, then up to Vancouver a few hours after that and checking into the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel.   But that’s not the end of it….a few hours after this, … more


Sometimes getting to the race is the hardest part….Twelve Step Plan to the Airport!

Okay, anyone who has visited this site knows by now we have a rather complicated life in the winter season.  Living and training high has its benefits but sometimes getting to the airport is harder than getting ready for a race.  Especially like this morning after two days of fresh pow falling from the sky.  To give you an idea, here are some shots from the morning commute: … more

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