Timeline – 2012



Received the support of B2ten.  For the first time in her twenty plus year athletic life, Clara has everything she needs to succeed.  A big statement considering the results she already has.  Another chance to represent Canada at the Olympic Games is a realistic possibility.  Clara and the team around her is doing everything possible to make sure she is ready to unleash the race of her life in London 2012.  With her mind and her heart firmly set on having the races of her life in London, there are no limitations as to what she can do.  With the support of her new pro team, the Specialized-lululemon Team, her personal sponsors, the Canadian Cycling Association, B2ten, Own the Podium, Sport Canada, the Canadian Sports Centers Calgary and Pacific, as well as so many individual people who allow Clara to ‘just ride her bike’, she has everything she needs to set the stage for this performance.

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