Air Canada En Route: Out of Office: Clara Hughes

Out of Office: Clara Hughes

Notes for the modern business traveller from Olympic athlete Clara Hughes.





The only Canadian to win medals in both the winter (speed skating) and summer (cycling) Olympic Games, Winnipeg native Clara Hughes is in London – bike in tow – for the 2012 Olympic Games. Hughes is also tireless when it comes to reaching out to Canadians as a mental health spokesperson for Bell Canada’s Let’s Talk campaign.


1. Always listen to your instincts. And don’t just listen but act as fast as possible. Just do it.


2. What I had to learn on the fly Anything I’ve learned in sports is applicable to life. I prepare for a race the same way I prepare for being interviewed 41 times in one day.


3. My business mantra Follow your bliss. I always need to know what’s behind that closed door.


4. Best place for a work lunch 
I love the Summer Herbivore salad at Montreal’s Olive + Gourmando.


5. The biggest risk I ever took was quitting my job at 27 to try speed skating. I went from getting paid to ride my bike to paying to skate.


6. In business, now’s a good 
time to throw away the script. People are tired of being talked at.


7. My eureka moment I’m racing a bike at 38 years old. 
I have the chance to show people I have no limits.


8. In my carry-on you’ll find everything because I’m basically homeless all the time. I haven’t been in one location for more than three weeks since 2005!


9. My go-to gadget 
My SRM. It’s a device that takes the data from every pedal stroke and sends it to my coach.


10. Window or aisle? 
Aisle. I’m perpetually hyper-
hydrated… Need I say more?



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