Baja California, Mexico Bike Tour, 2003

1 getting ready to roll in Chula Vista

Getting unpacked in Chula Vista, California

3 La Baja

Tecate, Mexico.

12 sitting beside the Pacific

The Pacific Ocean

baja tour 2003 116

Mexican trash disposal…not a good system with the high desert winds!

baja tour 2003 117

La Route 1

baja tour 2003 118

Yes I should have worn a helmet!

baja tour 2003 120

Roadside break

baja tour 2003 122

Mi esposo Pedro Guzmán

baja tour 2003 124


baja tour 2003 147

We hit a lot of Paleterias! Popcycles!!

baja tour 2003 241

A little fix’er upp’er

24 mision ruins (what's left)

Ruins of a church

55 camp, cooking

Baja backcountry cooking. The best firewood on earth!

53 the chef

Peter the FireMaster

25 a typical camp

Typical camp in La Baja. Note the mosquito netting. No tent, just a tarp in case of rain! And of course, the fire.

57 arroz con leche

Arroz con leche con cañela

33 ouch

desert foliage

34.2 pictograph

ancient pictograph

37.1 Arizona's state flower

Arizona state flower, the cardon cactus flower in La Baja. Beautiful.

46 water stop

Water stop.

70  mosquitos in the desert

Hiding from the mosquitos!

73 my favorite desert

Century plant

72 a work of natural art

cactus artform

74 desert moon

Full desert moon

34.5 an oasis

Oasis town of San Ignacio full with date palms

37 a new friend and some good coffee

We stopped to buy a soda and made a new friend. He made the best coffee.

76 my favorites- coffee and pastries!

Do I look happy or do I look happy!? Apple strudel and coffee in Mulege.

43 we slept here

We slept here!

50 so, so tired....

Me, tired.

51 Peter boils water for coffee

So Peter made a roadside fire to brew some water…

52 happy after coffee and ready to ride again

For coffee!

58 such incredibly hard riding

We rode more dirt roads than paved

56 raman noodles never tasted so good

Gourmet camp cooking

38 bird watching at camp

We always look for birds and had some new sightings. This was our camp in the am. Note the cacti firewood!

59 Peter's favorite place in the world

Peter’s fave Baja place: La Purisima

63 Jim Dandy

The late great Jim Dandy in La Purisima

64 this is real

Hummingbird with Peter the ZenMaster

68  friends on the ride

Riding out of Ciudad Constitution, with a new friend!

77 yuck, a scorpion at camp


78 last night in Cabo San Lucas

Celebratory cervesa!

79 a toast to the month long tour of Baja

Toast to a month of bike touring in La Baja!


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