Bike Touring Galore: some new galleries!

I’m riding down memory lane and posting some photos from bike tours past. These two are from the deserts of Baja California, Mexico and Arizona. I’ve ridden down in Baja on three different trips, lasting from two weeks to six weeks, all with Peter who is SeƱor Baja (he’s bike toured down there I think 9x and ridden almost every dirt road, as well as walked the entire length from Cabo to Tijuana, all by himself!). The Arizona trip was my ‘spring training’ for the 2006 Torino Olympics. I ended up winning that year so I guess all those desert miles payed off! And finally, the 2004 bike tour that I did with Peter, my speed skating Olympic teammate Kristina Groves and dear friend Kathleen Nelson who lives in Bishop, California. We started in Reno and rode to Markleeville (where the hot springs were closed), Bishop, then up and over the Sierra Nevada Mtn range to Yosemite and back (up and over then back again in….a day and a half!). That was more spring training and tons of fun.


Check them out here:

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