I’ve always needed a creative outlet as much as a physical outlet to express myself. I swear it completes me to write, draw, paint, knit and build. Not saying I’m good or even okay at these things, but they do make me happy, if there is such a thing as happiness.   Expressing myself means creating a scene using paints or markers, knitting a nice hat or scarf … more


Hot Spring Soaking and the People You Meet

Okay so it’s been a chill beginning to Spring that still feels like Winter but what’s the rush anyway? Let the seasons change in their own time. Let’s all relax a bit and not expect immediacy in everything. This world needs to slow down and…soak in some hot springs!   We spent a few days in BC this week hanging out at some natural HOT springs soaking in … more


The Masks We Wear

The many masks we wear and the ones we choose to share span the entire emotional spectrum. As humans we all hold the struggle and the joy; darkness and light; weakness and strength. It’s a hell of a lot easier to show these opposites in something like sport. Much more difficult to allow the darkness to be exposed in life. Real life. So here you go, friends, the … more


Pico Iyer and the Art of Stillness

A few weeks ago we saw a fantastic event at the Banff Center. It was the opening night of the Art of Stillness Weekend. The weekend blossomed from travel writer Pico Iyer’s annual soujourns to the Banff Center. I assume he comes for his own time to write. To experience the silence and solitude of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Which I’m not sure how one can do while … more


For the love of riding a bike

    I’m on the road a lot. Sometimes it seems the more I travel the better I am at managing my time. So often I return home to the space and place we have nestled in the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains and all I want to do is sit inside. The thought of going out the door exhausts me.   Yet getting out is exactly what I … more



There’s something about getting out into nature that shifts my inner patterns in a way I can’t quite explain.  The times I feel lost, confused, afraid, sad, desperate….or on the flip side when I feel grounded, at peace, happy, content, loved…every time I step into nature these emotions shift to a more positive outlook.   The younger me would have now proceeded to write how ‘if only I … more


Just Be

i was reminded recently by Peter of another wonderful person in our lives.  A man who led a remarkable life of thoughtfulness, mindfulness and bad-assed-ness.  We didn’t know him personally but oh has he touched our lives deeply. I’m talking about none other than Mr. Bruce Lee.   We know the legend. We have his books. We read and learn and sometimes forget he’s there in the bookshelf … more


Olympic Musings post #Rio2016

After working for CBC as Special Analyst for the Rio 2016 Olympics I’m left with many emotions. Many memories.  So much inspiration and reflection. I went back into some writings to share what the whole Olympic thing has meant to me.  I’m sure many of the current and future Olympians can relate, as I did to them.   On six different occasions I experienced the utter joy and … more


Welcome to Canmore: Experiencing the Force of Nature and Enduring the Flood

Peter saw the first of the mud water flowing down the lower driveway.  That should have been alarm enough.  Then we saw rapids running through the yard of a house down the street.  We looked down from our fifth floor condo unit and wondered where could all that water coming from.  Minutes later the light flow of mud colored water from the P1 upper parkade level became a … more


Representing Nunavik at The Grand Defi Pierre Lavoie

When I told people in my world outside of Quebec that I was going to do Le Grand Defi Pierre Lavoie (GDPL) the response was ‘the what and the who?’.  It’s not just the language barrier that led to the blank stare.  English Canada has many charitable events and I’ve done a few of them.  Events that raise awareness for disease, disaster or give voices to those silenced … more

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