Lessons learned in another Olympic year

This is the seventh time I’ve lived the reality of trying to qualify for an Olympics.  The in-between Games I’ve not been part of were spent either glued to the internet (we don’t have television in either of our home bases) or working for CBC at the Games.  Yes, I am a unabashed Olympic junkie and can’t get enough of sport when it comes time every two years … more


Soup Wednesday: Caldo de Pollo

I’ve had this chicken soup down in rustic markets in Baja California, Mexico while bike touring with Peter.  You can find it at any truck stop in Mexico according to Peter.  It’s a simple chicken soup best made with homemade broth (caldo is broth in Spanish).  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever tried it without broth made from a real chicken carcass (sounds gross, eh?). It’s worth … more


Finally home to make soup on Wednesday: Leek and Cauliflower Soup

I’ve been home a few days now and under the weather.  Perfect time to make some soup.  A friend suggested chicken soup with matzo balls but I didn’t have the ingredients.  Instead, I went for some veggie soups.  Last night I made the Hungarian Mushroom Soup I already posted.  The day before I made a new soup that I will share today.  There is nothing like hot soup … more


Soup-er ‘Soup Wednesday’ guest columnist and fellow red-head, Connie Carpenter!

Okay, sorry, I missed last week.  Wednesday passed and I missed making a new entry.  Forgive me but I was a little bit occupied with a race in Belgium.  You know, the Fleche Wallone.  As mentioned, the Mur de Huy had me pretty uptight that day.  So, no soup.   Good news is, I’m back.  Not with another soup recipe from my book of soups, even better, with … more


Finishing what you start in the Omloop Van Borsele

I was a rotten teenager and didn’t listen to my Mom very much.  Through the many years of tug-of-wars I usually won, there was one thing my Mom would not budge with.  She always made me finish what I started.  Her insistence sticks with me until this day.  Call me stubborn but there’s not much capable of pulling me out of a race after the gun goes off. … more


Scared shitless in Belgium: Winning Fleche Wallonne as a TEAM!!

There’s not much I fear in life but steep walls of paved road make me cringe.  I look at them and have an allergic reaction.  There is something inside of me that just can’t get over the damned things without detonating.   Which made me think long and hard Monday and Tuesday just what I was doing in Belgium.  The Fleche Wallonne was part of my month of … more


My best friend in sport, Randy Starkman

With Randy and Beckie Scott at the 2008 Olympics….   I’m in Belgium in the hotel breakfast room and can’t stop crying.  An email shared the shocking news of Randy Stakman’s passing late last night.  I felt sick going to sleep.  The reality of losing Randy only became real this morning when I opened my computer.  The tears began to flow and haven’t stopped.   Like so many … more


The legacy lives on….riding with the Teutenberg Family

The Teutenberg name is famous in the world of cycling for more reasons than the twenty-five plus wins Ina garners year after year.  Ina’s the runt of the litter.  She spent her growing-up years chasing older brothers Lars and Sven around on two wheels.  Not to mention the coaching her father has done for decades and his involvement with SRM and helping many pro riders find their ideal … more


Soup Wednesday: Dutch Mustard Soup

Dutch mustard soup     Speed skating in Holland in the cold, wet and grey shades of winter made soup of any kind a welcome start to every meal.  We often stayed at a ven Der Valk hotel in Wolvega in the north of the Netherlands and they made awesome soups.  I would not only have seconds but often thirds as well.   One of my favorites is … more



Living the life of a pro cyclist over here in Europe can get a little distorted at times.  It’s easy to think things are hard, life is complicated, there’s so much chaos or even this is bloody boring.  And then you look over at the team next to you like I did when warming up for the time trial last week at the Energiewacht Tour in Holland.  You … more

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