The Reality of Risk

The reality of the risk of a sport like mine, an ‘extreme’ sport, became clear once again a few weeks ago. I was in Tucson, Arizona and was shaken by a few things. First, the news of Canadian Freestyle Skier Sarah Burke and the horrific result of a seemingly minor crash on the superpipe up in Park City the week before. Second, a few days after arriving in … more


Let’s Talk! Join the conversation to end the stigma of mental illness

Since I first joined Bell in September 2010 to announce the Bell Let’s Talk campaign, Canadians from all walks of life have approached me sharing their stories and thanking me for being part of this. It’s now the second year of this campaign, and what I continue to hear is how important it is to so many Canadians. The response has been incredible and I am excited to … more


Winter Training Mecca Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona The first time I came down to Tucson for a cycling camp was way back in 1990. The other day on the infamous ‘shootout’ training ride/race here in town, I met an American rider younger than my years of making the pilgrimage to this winter cycling mecca. The city continues to sprawl and as much as I hate riding in traffic, I have to say Tucson … more


The Wonder in Winter Training and Perspective in the Strava Universe

  Mte. Aire Canyon, Utah I’m pretty good about keeping perspective, especially when it comes to training. For ten years training as a speed skater perspective came from training with the national team every day. We followed the program like good soldiers under the guidance of the ultimate drill sergeant: Coach Xuili Wang. There was no straying from the program and there was no doubt we trained harder … more


My Kind of Holiday Season

Mte. Aire Canyon, Utah Some people measure the success of a holiday season by the amount of presents given or received. Peter and I came to the conclusion over a decade and a half ago to not enter into the shopping center feeding frenzy this time of the year. The best memories I have from xmas and new years are when I’ve been in the great outdoors. What … more


Living the ‘Wild’life

Mte. Aire Canyon, Utah I’m on this new team and find myself suddenly connected to athletes around the world. We’ll wear the same jerseys and work towards winning together, yes, this is true, but it’s the human side that interests me the most. While on our epic rides at camp, I had the chance to get to know many of my new teammates. I discovered little bits of … more


Making Dreams into Realities

  Salt Lake City, Utah I’d run out of fingers and toes pretty fast if I were to use them to tally the amount of times I’ve had in the past twenty decades where a dream has become reality. Specifically, the times when the here and the now seem just too good to be true. The incredulousness of these moments almost always stem from a past experience. Most … more


Specialized lululemon Team Building 101

Carlsbad, California It was approximately 315am when the nasty screech began. Being in a hotel, the immediate response was to start pawing at the alarm clock beside the bed. Only I’d never heard an alarm quite like this. No matter the buttons I pressed, the sound seemed to get louder. The coma I was in subsided enough for my brain to realize it was definitely not the bedside … more


Back in the Professional Saddle Again

Carlsbad, California I can’t believe I’m back at ‘camp’. For anyone who reads my posts, you’ll assume I’m out in the desert with Peter sleeping under a blanket of stars, or on some crazy bike tour bush camping. Those things are certainly my cup of camping tea and this is definitely not that kind of camp. The camp I’m at is one foreign and all but forgotten in … more


Le Grand Ligne

Montreal, Quebec I’ve made the commute from Montreal to my home in the Eastern Townships countless times. Most of the time, I take the easiest way on the small highways traveling from my valley in southern Quebec to the main autoroutes leading to the big city. A few times this commute has taken on a bit of an adventure when I’ve ventured into the small veins of roads … more

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