New year, new ACL: Let’s Talk about a road trip on crutches!! Part 7

The 16,000 kilometre road trip planned long before last minute surgery scheduled did not change my mind about staying or going. No way am I missing the six communities visits leading into Bell Let’s Talk Day.  Only thing that would stop me is a blood clot, which, well, certainly would not bode well for travel. With the green light from my Doc, we hit the road, not running, … more


New year, new ACL: an extrovert sentenced to the existence of a hermit, no bueno! Part 6

I admit I am fully, completely extroverted. Gregarious. Yes, I get a little bit tired when I am around people all the time. But this fatigue passes pretty darn fast. Why? Because I LOVE PEOPLE!! Which leaves me in this bizarre situation of being isolated in the house. For the most part I am alone. I am broken, sore, in pain, feeling just a little bit sorry for myself, and … more


New year, new ACL: And then I start getting a little restless…Part 5

I’m down to some heavy duty doses of Tylenol to manage the pain. But feel weird. Just feel ‘off’. Which is why even as an athlete I rarely used Ibuprofen. Cut the dose down but then decided ‘fuck it’, and went off completely. Why not? Passing another day, passing time. Getting restless. Passing time. Letting myself sleep as much as possible. Trying to heal. Trying to be present.   … more


New year, new ACL: ‘A little bit better day’, Part 4

Psychologists usually give good advice. When mine tells me ‘the physiotherapy appointment likely won’t achieve anything, but it will feel good to get out of the house, to get some feedback from someone you know and trust’, he’s nothing short of bang on right. Getting out of the house feels as good as hiking a long and beautiful trail. It’s liberating to shuffle around on crutches on the … more


New year, new ACL: Back to ‘regular’ me, Part 3

Okay so I’m not sure how to broach the topic of…er….regularity.  I’ll start with the term ‘side-effects’ and connect it to ‘pain meds’.  Know what I mean? Yup, I’m talking shit already here. There is nothing in my books worse than constipation. I don’t know if it’s having been an athlete with an obsession for so many years over the high-funtionality of every single bodily fluid action, but … more


New year, new ACL: the woes of pain meds, Part Two

Last stop in the Surgery Shop is the post OR area, making sure I’m okay. I’m completely stoned and know it. Dr.Irving the anesthesiologist casually goes about finding the nerve bundle right next to the femoral artery in each quad. I say casual because he knows what he’s doing. Same way the speed skaters make gliding along at 40+ KPH look effortless on those 17” blades. These doctors … more


New year, new ACL: the joys of surgery, Part One

December 30, 2016 was the day. The day of all days I’d been counting down to for a few weeks. The day I WANTED and NEEDED to arrive since seeing my ripped-almost-in-half ACL on the MRI.   YES and yes both legs are getting carved into…     I refer to it as ACL day. Hamstring tendon harvest day. Knives drills hammers screwdrivers day. Did I mention my … more


The Masks We Wear

The many masks we wear and the ones we choose to share span the entire emotional spectrum. As humans we all hold the struggle and the joy; darkness and light; weakness and strength. It’s a hell of a lot easier to show these opposites in something like sport. Much more difficult to allow the darkness to be exposed in life. Real life. So here you go, friends, the … more


Pico Iyer and the Art of Stillness

A few weeks ago we saw a fantastic event at the Banff Center. It was the opening night of the Art of Stillness Weekend. The weekend blossomed from travel writer Pico Iyer’s annual soujourns to the Banff Center. I assume he comes for his own time to write. To experience the silence and solitude of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Which I’m not sure how one can do while … more


For the love of riding a bike

    I’m on the road a lot. Sometimes it seems the more I travel the better I am at managing my time. So often I return home to the space and place we have nestled in the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains and all I want to do is sit inside. The thought of going out the door exhausts me.   Yet getting out is exactly what I … more

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