Sweating it out in Italy at the Giro D’Italia

There is a heat wave in Italy.  It was as if the first five days of the Giro D’Italia Donne were raced in a wood burning pizza oven.  Each day it feels like the cook adds more logs to the fire.  It’s like racing in an inferno.  Day #3 the team car dashboard read 49c.  No joke.   The first day of the stage race it was scorching … more


The Giro Donne: It’s an adventure!

I should have known it was going to be one of those days when I opened my eyes to bright lights and two girls sitting on their beds, staring at me and smiling.  It was an odd sensation because I had ear plugs in and thus could only see and not hear.  For an instant I thought what is going on here where am I who are these … more


Forza Specialized lululemon!

It’s been since the Exergy Tour in May that I’ve been with the team.  Riding this morning with teammate Ally Stacher reinforced what I felt at Nationals last week:  it’s no fun to ride, or race, alone.  I did my best as the sole Specialized-lululemon rider in the road race in Canada but came up short in the end.  Somewhere on the internet I read that I ‘did … more


The agony and the ecstasy of bike racing

This blog is a long time coming with the events of the past week.  I’ve wanted to write and share the agony and the ecstasy of racing the Exergy Tour in Idaho with my Super Team, Specialized lululemon.  Quite frankly, I’ve been unable to type.  Not only that, I’ve been unable at times to pull my skinsuit up, get my socks on or even get off the bike.  … more


Ups and downs in Gatineau

It was a world of difference this year from last during the May long weekend races in Gatineau, Quebec.  365 days or so earlier, I was just making my way back into the world of road cycling after over 8 years away from the sport.  With a difference in weather (hot humid sun compared to periodical rain and grey last year), along with a few days to practice … more


Doing it for Daron in Gatineau

  I’ve had the chance to meet many people along the way in my athletic career.  So many people who’ve inspired me to look outside of pedaling or skating in circles to count.  Individuals and organizations who have spurred me on to connect with and in return, be inspired beyond the wild energy of sport.   I’m back in Gatineau, Quebec, with the Specialized lululemon Team, where a … more


Finishing what you start in the Omloop Van Borsele

I was a rotten teenager and didn’t listen to my Mom very much.  Through the many years of tug-of-wars I usually won, there was one thing my Mom would not budge with.  She always made me finish what I started.  Her insistence sticks with me until this day.  Call me stubborn but there’s not much capable of pulling me out of a race after the gun goes off. … more


Scared shitless in Belgium: Winning Fleche Wallonne as a TEAM!!

There’s not much I fear in life but steep walls of paved road make me cringe.  I look at them and have an allergic reaction.  There is something inside of me that just can’t get over the damned things without detonating.   Which made me think long and hard Monday and Tuesday just what I was doing in Belgium.  The Fleche Wallonne was part of my month of … more


Summer Camp

“It feels like summer camp, doesn’t it, Clara…”  Teammate Ina Teutenberg states the obvious with her hearty German laugh.  Ina and I go way back.  We’ve ‘camped’ many a times together during women’s races in Europe.  Only this time, in Holland, we’re teammates instead of racing on respective National Teams.  And the camp?  Well, I have to admit, this is a few steps up from the infamous summer … more


Bike racing 101: Tour of Flanders

Complete and utter sensory overload.  That’s today in a nutshell.  It was the day that marked my ‘welcome back to European racing’ here at the Tour of Flanders.  Ronde Van Vlaanderen for the die-hard cycling fans out there.  Also known as one of the hardest single day races in the world on two wheels.  Yes, today was the day I’ve been anticipating with angst and excitement for some … more

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