What a difference a day can make…

Another adventure with the skidoo, ATV and finally, the sweet smooth ride of the SUV to the airport brought me out of my winter wonderland to the chaos of LAX.  Yes, it was a shock to the system to arrive at the bustling airport after the two hour flight to the south west of Salt Lake City.  I felt like Dorothy and I definitely was not in Kansas … more


Making the race

There was no doubt in my mind that being on the Specialized  lululemon Team would mean racing to win.  In the sport of cycling, racing to win can often mean racing to conserve and then do the bare minimum to win.  Not the case here in the back and white hypnotizing team of women.  In the first criterium of the year for the team in the USA, we … more


First race of the year!

  I have to admit some nervousness before the time trial yesterday.  Not because of being the first race of the year, and not because the race was a time trial: the nerves stemmed from the fact that two of my very strong teammates on Specialized lululemon were set to ride their road bikes for the event of truth against the clock.  My concern was that Ina or … more


Check out my team!

  This racing season, I am on a new team, Specialized-lululemon.  Having the opportunity to race alongside the best women in the world is beyond motivating.  The thought of leading prolific winner and sprint sensation, not to mention my good friend, Ina Teutenberg, makes me get on the bike an build every ounce of strength I have to do the job well and help her win some more. … more


The Reality of Risk

The reality of the risk of a sport like mine, an ‘extreme’ sport, became clear once again a few weeks ago. I was in Tucson, Arizona and was shaken by a few things. First, the news of Canadian Freestyle Skier Sarah Burke and the horrific result of a seemingly minor crash on the superpipe up in Park City the week before. Second, a few days after arriving in … more


Making Dreams into Realities

  Salt Lake City, Utah I’d run out of fingers and toes pretty fast if I were to use them to tally the amount of times I’ve had in the past twenty decades where a dream has become reality. Specifically, the times when the here and the now seem just too good to be true. The incredulousness of these moments almost always stem from a past experience. Most … more


Back in the Professional Saddle Again

Carlsbad, California I can’t believe I’m back at ‘camp’. For anyone who reads my posts, you’ll assume I’m out in the desert with Peter sleeping under a blanket of stars, or on some crazy bike tour bush camping. Those things are certainly my cup of camping tea and this is definitely not that kind of camp. The camp I’m at is one foreign and all but forgotten in … more

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