Buon appetito…sort of…

I always wondered why support staff and athletes eat at separate tables on cycling teams.  It’s a common sight to see the riders huddled around a table, dark circles under the eyes, trying not to eat too much bread before a bland meal is served.  On female cycling teams the vegetables are a coveted part of the meal and salad bars rule.  The staff most often sit at … more


Riding with Luigi in Italia

Today Ally and I set out for another bicycle adventure in Italy.  After studying the Strava map from yesterday’s ride I felt pretty confident I knew the route to improve upon our surprisingly fun outing.  I had it all planned and got a little cocky I think because after only 5 minutes I had us going the wrong way with no way over the train tracks.  Which was … more


Into the abyss

Definitely never experienced a commute like last night.  After a long day in the saddle, finally riding outside again, I stayed down in the valley, passing a bit of time before seeing my trusted massage therapist Janelle.  By the time I made it back up to the skidoo it was already dark.  Five hours and over 150kms on the bike, solo, left me dirty and tired.  The ‘Action … more


Welcome to my office

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a full-time athlete?  Not so glamorous….especially when you’re snowed in like I am up in the back country in Utah doing altitude training.  Here’s an idea of what it’s like: my day at work today…   Downstairs where we have all the bike equipment.  Let’s call it my ‘office’.   Office and storage for all sorts of things, like my husbands … more


When the power goes out…

  When I try to explain where we live in the remote Utah canyon to others, I suspect they envision a little cabin in the woods.  Some sort of ‘off the grid’, no running water, solar power setting is perhaps pictured.  We do live in the back country but our house is far from off the grid.  It is a four-season home with all the comforts of a … more


Tuesday in Tucson

      The last time I remember being this miserable on a bike would be a few years back while marooned on the roadside north of the Arctic Circle during a bike tour.  Never would I have thought I’d experience the same degree of near hypothermia in the state of Arizona.   Today was to be a four hour endurance ride through the desert landscape. Two days … more


The Wonder in Winter Training and Perspective in the Strava Universe

  Mte. Aire Canyon, Utah I’m pretty good about keeping perspective, especially when it comes to training. For ten years training as a speed skater perspective came from training with the national team every day. We followed the program like good soldiers under the guidance of the ultimate drill sergeant: Coach Xuili Wang. There was no straying from the program and there was no doubt we trained harder … more


Living the ‘Wild’life

Mte. Aire Canyon, Utah I’m on this new team and find myself suddenly connected to athletes around the world. We’ll wear the same jerseys and work towards winning together, yes, this is true, but it’s the human side that interests me the most. While on our epic rides at camp, I had the chance to get to know many of my new teammates. I discovered little bits of … more


Specialized lululemon Team Building 101

Carlsbad, California It was approximately 315am when the nasty screech began. Being in a hotel, the immediate response was to start pawing at the alarm clock beside the bed. Only I’d never heard an alarm quite like this. No matter the buttons I pressed, the sound seemed to get louder. The coma I was in subsided enough for my brain to realize it was definitely not the bedside … more


Just Call Me Mickey

  Montreal, Quebec I mentioned to Peter yesterday that I look like Mickey Rourke. You know, that actor? I was referring to his weathered face (to put it nicely) in the movie The Wrestler. Maybe he looked this way in BarFly way back when. Anyway, the point is that I look like Mickey. This was confirmed when Peter got the mad laughs after looking at my face. Thanks, … more

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