Clara Hughes talks about her battle with depression with CBC.CA

Brandon Hicks,, Toronto, Ontario We all know who Clara Hughes is. She’s one of the darlings of Canadian sport. Her exploits in the Summer and Winter Olympics have made her legendary. Her charity work for organizations such as Right to Play have made her beloved. But what many of us didn’t know, until recently, is that she has had to battle demons of a very personal kind. … more


Clara’s Smile

Joe O’Connor, The National Post Toronto, Ontario Even over the phone, Clara Hughes bubbles, she giggles with infectious glee, and you know that she is smiling, smiling that famous smile of hers. Happy is her natural state. It is who she is: Our national sweetheart, an Olympic darling with a radiant glow, a great big grin and a closet full of medals. She has collected them in the … more


Bell Canada introduces the Bell Champions

National Team athletes to be matched with Bell executives in cross-Canada mentoring program Vancouver, (B.C.), May 31, 2006 – Bell Canada today introduced the Bell Champions, a team of nine accomplished Olympic and Paralympic athletes from Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia, who will be national ambassadors for Bell Canada. The Bell Champions will speak internally and externally, sharing their experiences and their views on what it takes … more

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