I’ve always needed a creative outlet as much as a physical outlet to express myself. I swear it completes me to write, draw, paint, knit and build. Not saying I’m good or even okay at these things, but they do make me happy, if there is such a thing as happiness.


Expressing myself means creating a scene using paints or markers, knitting a nice hat or scarf to warm me up, writing some thoughts on paper. The challenge with all things good are to find the time to do them.  With social media it’s easy to find others doing (or seeming to do) just this. In fact, it’s easy to spend time online looking at others making cool shit and forgetting to do your own thing, in your own way, on your own time.


These past few months I’ve been making it a major priority to create. Always have tools at hand. Always make the time to sit and do these things that make me so damn happy. Share them with others as gifts or keep them to myself.


Anyone else out there feel the same?


I know I’m not alone.


Here are are a few of my latest tinkerings:



Cards made from prints made in a Japanese wood block class 





Some cards I made to thank the friends from the Squamish First Nation for our naming ceremony






Me and Peter in my interpretation of the Naming Ceremony done with watercolour markers






Self-explanatory 🙂






We spent a few days in BC last week, this was the scene of the lake ice beginning to melt on the glacially fed lake





Hand Knit toque and scarf! I think I injured myself going to hard with the knitting after not picking up a needle for decades..





And sometimes I get to do a nice braid in Peter’s hair 🙂



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