Day after Wednesday soup: Miso!

Miso Soup!

I have a good excuse for making ‘Soup Wednesday’ happen on Thursday this week.  I’m at a bike race!  And, it started on Wednesday.  Thus, it’s Wednesday night, and I’m just getting to the soup.  Here at the race in Holland, the internet is down in the house we all stay.  So the posting will have to wait for tomorrow.  For all you soup lovers out there, I apologize.  Yes, all five of you, it took a day, but here you go:



A favorite of Peter’s.  We started making miso soup this past winter because it’s something we always enjoy in sushi restaurants, but it’s never big enough.  You know, that appetizer soup that acts as something to cleanse the palate and warm the tummy for the sushi?  It usually comes right after the iceberg lettuce salad with thousand island dressing (sauce mille iles for the french out there).


I created my own version of this delicious nutritious soup.  All I can say is, make sure you have a big bowl!





-napa cabbage
-shitake mushrooms
-green onions
*slice all thin with the mandolin slicer

-extra firm or firm plain tofu (cube)


-about 4 cups of water
-one organic boullion cube
-seaweed (dried)
*boil water with cube, add seaweed and leave on high heat for about 5 mins.  Take out seaweed and slice thin

-1 to 2 TBSP white miso (organic)


Add carrots, cabbage, mushroom to boiling stock.  Cook for about 3 mins so veggies are bright but still very crisp.  Take out a cup of liquid and add miso paste.  Stir together and then add back into the stock and veggies.


In bowls, add tofu in bottom, seaweed, then add half the stock and half the veggies in each bowl.  On top of soup, add radishes and onions for garnish.

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