Finally home to make soup on Wednesday: Leek and Cauliflower Soup

I’ve been home a few days now and under the weather.  Perfect time to make some soup.  A friend suggested chicken soup with matzo balls but I didn’t have the ingredients.  Instead, I went for some veggie soups.  Last night I made the Hungarian Mushroom Soup I already posted.  The day before I made a new soup that I will share today.  There is nothing like hot soup when you’re sick.  I’m healthy again, thanks to the soup?


I made this just the other night.  I also made homemade roasted red pepper hummus with some veggies to dip in for Peter.





2 leeks

1TBSP butter

1 cauliflower

3 cups water

2 cubes organic vegetable boulion

fresh ground pepper



This soup is ridiculously easy…..


-wash and chop the leeks.

-melt butter in a large pan, add leeks.

-turn to low and cook gently until leeks are transparent (don’t burn the leeks they are fragile to high heat!)

-wash cauliflower and divide into flowerets

-add cauliflower, boulion cubes, water and bring to a boil

-reduce heat, cover, cook for about 5 mins…don’t overcook, just until cauliflower is al dente!

-remove from heat and either use submersion blender or put in blender.

-add fresh ground pepper.  If you like the flavor of mace seasoning, add 1/8 teaspoon (I don’t and it was delicious as is).



Such a nice soup….if you use organic vegetables there is a beautiful flavor that comes out from the leeks and the cauliflower.


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