For the love of riding a bike




I’m on the road a lot. Sometimes it seems the more I travel the better I am at managing my time. So often I return home to the space and place we have nestled in the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains and all I want to do is sit inside. The thought of going out the door exhausts me.


Yet getting out is exactly what I need. Always. So why is it so damn hard to get out the door?


The decades I trained at the highest level for sport it seemed easier. With coaches, teammates and something that seemed so all important (trying to do that Olympic thing well…) there was no choice but to train.


So now, well, I’m like most folks. It’s hard to get out the door. But when I do oh how happy I am. Satisfied. Transformed.


Yesterday my much handsomer half Peter said ‘today we change things. We set a new tone. You and me. Let’s ride!’


That’s pretty much how it went at 630pm. A mountain bike ride ensued. Or should I say a ride on mountain bikes. I think we managed approximately 500m of single track. The rest was dirt riding that allowed for a calm and beautiful cruise on two knobby tyred wheels. Then a little jog in the forest. Ending it all was 5 minutes of core strength. Yes, 5 minutes.


Was I really an athlete or is that another person I’m thinking about?


Yes, that was me, and yes, this is me.


So it goes without saying how stoked I was that I hopped on my two skinny tyred wheels and rode the Legacy Trail to Banff today. Then did that same 20 minute jog in the forest. And 5 mins of core strength.


Gotta start somewhere.





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