My Favorite Tomato Soup!

This is no time for humility…I have to brag a bit because I made this recipe up by trial and error.  Sick of getting the typical tomato soup from whole foods near the salad bar for way too much money (I know they use canned tomatoes!), I decided to make my own.  It started with a glance at a recipe from a Food Combining cookbook I have, then making it my own.


In fact, upon arrival from the Exergy Tour early Tuesday morning (it was only a 45 minute flight back to Salt Lake City from Boise and I was up at the house by 8:30am!), I made a big batch of this soup to sooth my wounded body and spirit from too many crashes the week prior.



All you need are a few ingredients.  Trust me, it is so worth it to use fresh tomatoes.  Canned tomatoes make this taste like spaghetti sauce.



So here you go, my favorite…





-a few carrots peeled

-a few stalks of celery

-a few shallots

-walnut oil (or olive oil or avocado oil)

-organic boullion cubes (vegetable)

-fresh ground pepper

-a nice bay leaf or two

-organic dried basil

-fresh basil for garnish if you have it




-in a boiling pot of water, plunge tomatoes.  I would say about 6-8 tomatoes is good.  Leave them in the boiling water for a few minutes (I’d say about 3 minutes).  Drain and let tomatoes cool five minutes (or you will burn your fingers like I have) and then peel the skin off.  It comes off super easy. Cut out the stem as well.  Throw away the peel.




-in a large pot, put about 1TBSP walnut oil on medium heat, chop shallots and add.  Chop carrots and celery and add after shallots have sauteed a few minutes.  Let all this sautee for a few more minutes.




-add two boullion cubes.  Add Tomatoes mashing them up with your fingers as you add them to pot (wear apron or you will be covered in tomato juice!).  Add 1TBSP dried basil and bay leafs.  Add about a cup of water.  Bring all this to a boil and then reduce heat and cover, let simmer about 10 minutes.





-remove bay leafs.  Puree with hand blender in pot (again, wear apron you look like a goof but your clothes will thank you).  Put bay leafs back in.  Add some fresh ground pepper.



Serve in nice white bowls with some fresh chopped basil.  That’s it!  Way better than any six-dollar tiny bowl of so called tomato soup from Whole Foods.  And this makes a big pot.  I leave the bay leafs in until I put the leftovers in storage containers for the fridge.



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