My Kind of Holiday Season

Mte. Aire Canyon, Utah

Some people measure the success of a holiday season by the amount of presents given or received. Peter and I came to the conclusion over a decade and a half ago to not enter into the shopping center feeding frenzy this time of the year. The best memories I have from xmas and new years are when I’ve been in the great outdoors. What better way to feel alive than to hike a mountain peak or ride the bike all day.

This year has been a good one. Xmas eve was spent spinning around the Salt Lake valley on a day of little inversion with my buddy Joe. Joe is an air traffic controller and loves to ride his bike. It was cold but man did we have fun. We gifted each other with the commitment to meet for a cold winter ride. That and the coffee stop less than a half hour from the cars.

I felt sorry for all the people trapped in their cars stressing over the last gifts to buy. I have no connection to this anxiety because Peter and I do not shop for xmas. You know what? Our lives are better for it.

Xmas day was spent on a sweet mountain hike to and from our house in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. Up and around we went, walking the same ridge we saw the moose and elk basking in the sunshine on earlier that day. Armed with a chocolate bar, a block of cheese some apples and water, what a joy it was to walk all day in the snow, breathing the crisp mountain air. Again, we gifted each other with the commitment to share this outdoor experience. What could have been a day of mass consumption was a day that cost nothing, just time.

And that’s how it goes up here in the mountains. Being removed from the unfortunate state of buying, giving and getting, we feel a quality of life most others see little value in. We’ve make decisions in our life together that allow for this. In combination with good health, I feel like we are a few of the luckiest people on earth.

I wish more people could see the value of being outside, moving through landscape and sharing a day of wonder in the great outdoors. On xmas, new years and every day of the year. I can’t help but think this world might be a better place if we call could take even a single day to celebrate being alive in this manner.

Happy Holidays!

A visitor in our yard!

How happy am I!

Peter’s happy too…

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