Sometimes getting to the race is the hardest part….Twelve Step Plan to the Airport!

Okay, anyone who has visited this site knows by now we have a rather complicated life in the winter season.  Living and training high has its benefits but sometimes getting to the airport is harder than getting ready for a race.  Especially like this morning after two days of fresh pow falling from the sky.  To give you an idea, here are some shots from the morning commute:

Early winter morning up at the house



Step one: get the sled out of the basement


ATV and skidoos covered in snow


Step two and three: line sled with tarps and load with bikes and luggage


Step five: secure everything with bungies and make sure tarp covers so things don’t get covered in snow


Step six and seven: attach sled to skidoo and get bundled up for the 3-mile, 2200 ft descent to the car


Step eight: make the trip down to gate area where car is parked


Step nine: unload all the gear into the car


Step ten: park skidoo where car was to save the parking spot


car full of stuff

Step eleven: walk down to gate, open gate for car to go through, then close gate



twelve: drive to airport, unload stuff onto cart, get rid of it all for $360.00 excess baggage, go to first race the the year in Merced, California!


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