Soup-er ‘Soup Wednesday’ guest columnist and fellow red-head, Connie Carpenter!

Okay, sorry, I missed last week.  Wednesday passed and I missed making a new entry.  Forgive me but I was a little bit occupied with a race in Belgium.  You know, the Fleche Wallone.  As mentioned, the Mur de Huy had me pretty uptight that day.  So, no soup.


Good news is, I’m back.  Not with another soup recipe from my book of soups, even better, with a guest entry from the one and only Connie Carpenter.  You may know her as the first ever women’s gold medalist in Olympic road cycling back in 1984.  That and many other wins makes Connie one of the best ever ladies to race a bike.  She’s also a former speed skater, a red-head, a Super-Mom (note: her kids are super athletes on the bike and on the cross country skies) and wife to another cycling Super Star, Davis Phinney.


Me, Connie and Kelsey (superstar cross country ski kid!) at Soldier Hollow in Utah earlier this winter

Need I say more.  Connie rocks.  She’s also a great cook.  I don’t know first hand, but suspect everything she does is top notch.


Here is her soup recipe, in Connie’s words.  I can’t wait to get home and make this one.


Asparagus Soup with Poached Eggs




I am not an expert at writing out recipes and I always take liberties with even the most exacting recipe which makes me a good chef but not a precise one.  And I do love to cook!  Hope you enjoy this recipe.


I found it in the Williams-Sonoma catalog (beautiful photos!) promoting their cooker/blender appliance which in itself seemed a bit excessive, but the soup was very basic and turned out very well (without the appliance).  It serves 2-4 depending on your hunger and whether it’s a main course or starter.  It is super simple and requires surprisingly very few ingredients.  Eggs and Asparagus make for a nice marriage of flavors as the Italians would say, and I think you will agree.


You will need, Asparagus, 1 large leek, Spinach, 1 onion, Eggs, Olive oil, salt. pepper. spices optional.  Original recipe called for garnishes like tarragon leaves, chives, and parsley (which I did not have but not only look good but would taste good too).


Wash a nice spring bundle of fresh Asparagus



Asparagus always break naturally toward the bottom of the stalk, put the lower bits into a small pot with maybe a carrot or onion – whatever is lying in the bottom of your frig – to make a broth.  Add some salt.  Maldon Salt is the best salt in the world.  You can find it at specialty stores.  It will change your life but I digress.  Bring to boil, let simmer.  Dump the veggies into your compost, save the broth.  If you don’t do this step you can use a veggie broth or bouillon cube – or just water.


Slice the asparagus spears somewhat finely.


Saute onion and leek together in oil for ten mins, gently.   Leeks must always be carefully washed, and finely sliced.


Add the sliced asparagus, add 2-3 handfuls of cleaned spinach (as much as you want really) PLUS stock (3-4 cups) and simmer.  To add more flavor, consider a little red pepper (very little), paprika, or pepper.


Simmer for 15 mins.  Blend the soup (a hand held blender is best).


Poach one or two eggs per portion in water (poach lightly as they will continue to ‘cook’ in the soup or you can fry sunny side up).


Eat immediately 😉



We had this with a nice side of flatbread and called it dinner 😉



Thanks, Connie!


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