Soup Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday again.  Since the inception of my ‘soup is good all is good’ commitment to sharing my favorite soup recipes with the world at large happened on a Wednesday, this category has thus been dubbed ‘Soup Wednesday’.  I think I’ll run out of soups before I run out of Wednesdays.


This week, let’s make the Creamy Parsnip Bisque soup I love so much.  It’s non-fat and full-flavor.  If you didn’t know the veggie in this soup, you’d never guess the parsnip.  If you hate parsnips, you’ll love this soup.  I made this for the CBC crew who bared the elements coming up to our house in Utah last week for some filming and it was a hit.


Me and Pete in the kitchen making soup (photo from Stephanie Jenzer, CBC Television News)…note the homemade carrot raisin muffins Peter made to the left!



Here goes:







-3 shallots (sweeter than regular onions and finer for nice soups like this)
1/2 cup vegetable stock (you can just use the organic boullion cubes and boiling water)
(chop shallots, put in big pot with veggie stock, turn on heat to high until boiling then simmer for about 5 mins)


-Parsnips!  Peel and then slice a whole bunch of parsnips.  I use about 8-10 for this recipe.  Parsnips look like a carrot (but are often fatter and gnarlier looking, like and old carrot) and they are white.  You can get them at any regular grocery store.


-Add the parsnips to the shallots and stock, add another 2-3 cups of organic vegetable stock, bring all to a boil.


-Turn heat to medium-high and cover for about 5 minutes.


-Take off heat and puree in blender (I have the hand blender but for this soup, I like it really creamy and smooth, thus I use the proper blender).  If it’s too thick, add more stock.  You want the soup really thick and creamy but thin enough to have a nice consistency.


See the paper towel on the blender….see note below for details!


-White miso paste- I find this at health food stores or something like WholeFoods.  Get the nice organic kind that has no MSG.  Add 2-3 tsp depending on your taste preference.  I take about a cup of the pureed soup out of the pot and mix the miso paste into it, then return it all to the big pot and stir it all together.


-Taste the soup and add some fine sea salt (Fleur de sel is my favorite) to taste.  If you use the organic boullion cubes for stock, you may not want anymore salt; if you made your own stock definitely add some salt.  As you like it!


-Slice some green onions (white part of the onion) and add as garnish to the bowl of soup.  Add fresh ground pepper on top.

Man do I look focused prepping the garnish….and yes, there is a man in our kitchen filming us making homemade soup! (that’s Andy from CBC)


*a tip I picked up from my mom (Maureen from Winnipeg:)) is when you are blending something hot, place a paper towel on top of the blender container before putting lid on to blend.  For some reason, this stops the inevitable explosion when blending something hot (you know what I mean if you’ve done this!!)


**I like to use the mandolin slicer for slicing everything and anything in the kitchen.  If you don’t have a mandolin slicer in your kitchen drawer, shame on you.  This is the best tool, and you don’t have to plug it in or have a cutting board to have perfectly, uniformly sliced fruits and veggies.  Ask your local kitchen store for this.


***We use, for the most part, organic veggies, so for our vegetable stock we save all the peelings of carrots, thick parts of onion you would throw away, tops and bottoms of celery, put all this in a big pot with water, bring to a boil, simmer for about 20 mins and, voila, homemade vegetable stock (after you remove all the vegetables and strain…I won’t assume everyone knows this!)


****You’ll notice there is no fat in this soup.  If you prefer, you can also lightly sautee the shallots in some walnut or avocado oil in the beginning.  I find it delicious without but it’s also delicious with some oil.

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