Thank you

It’s difficult to find the words to describe what I’m feeling inside after a day like today; a yesterday like yesterday. What I’m talking about is the whirlwind of events taking place for this year’s Let’s Talk Day campaign. The sequence of interviews and appearances that have allowed, once again, for the story I have to be shared. The story that so often seems so small. The story I have to share is that of going through and getting through depression. The one that saw me lose two years of my competitive life to darkness and then again, after two years, finally allowed me to find the light again.


Knowing that so many are still struggling to find that light or spent decades trying makes my two years of darkness seem small.


Along the way I’ve written and spoken and shared what it was and what it means to live with. Depression, that is. The response has been overwhelming in the most beautiful of ways. Many of these responses have come through this website and to those who took the time to write; time to share, I thank you. I thank you and I salute you. You give me strength by sharing your stories with me. I hope, with all my heart, that you know I’ve read each and every one.


You are embedded in my heart and I can say with an open heart in response, you are with me in everything that I do. Every pedal stroke that I take will be with the strength of this sharing. Your strength and courage gives me the same in return.


Thank you,

Clara Hughes

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