Welcome to my office

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a full-time athlete?  Not so glamorous….especially when you’re snowed in like I am up in the back country in Utah doing altitude training.  Here’s an idea of what it’s like: my day at work today…


Downstairs where we have all the bike equipment.  Let’s call it my ‘office’.


Office and storage for all sorts of things, like my husbands 17 foot long ocean kayak…


and lots of bikes….bikes everywhere!


pirates booty before the ride along with workout details because I can never remember all those numbers….especially for a 3 hour ride!


and then after the ride…man it took a lot of calories just to keep going.  I live at 7300 feet above sea level!


proof of just how long the ride was


me after the epic ride looking worse for wear….and very sweaty!


unfortunately our house is not connected inside to the basement…so I always have to go outside to get back to the main level of the house.  Not so fun when it’s cold out!


bundled up for the walk back upstairs


a few hours later I was back training, this time snow shoeing.  A 2 hour snow shoe brought me up to this glorious vista where I had a snack…and then hammered back down the trails home.


beautiful Wasatch back country: my backyard


and finally, my snowshoeing buddy Yeti, the neighbor’s dog.  He’s the best back country buddy in the world!

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